Introducing Jessica Beeston on viola


Jessica writes –

“It is tremendously exciting to be writing this as the new viola player in the Edinburgh Quartet. It is an amazing situation to find myself in – following in my father’s footsteps was something I had never envisaged. But now that the opportunity has arisen I am very much looking forward to working with Tristan, Philip and Mark and hope to learn, develop and grow into this new role.”

“As a viola player it is a dream to play in a string quartet. To sit in the middle of the harmony and homogenous sound of the string family is a blessing I cannot describe – I encourage you all to take up the viola and give it a try! And of course the repertoire is simply the best. This season will be a fantastic time to join the quartet giving me the opportunity to get to grips with one of the true masters of the string quartet – Beethoven. Beethoven composes with such a depth of musicality, harmony, rhythm and melody that one cannot fail to be drawn into his incredible world. I’m particularly looking forward to the Rasoumovsky quartets having already performed number one with the quartet, but can’t wait to get my teeth into the entire cycle. I hope very much you’ll feel the same way and join us at St George’s West Church and other venues throughout the year.”