Mendelssohn and his World:  In the Shadow of a Genius

On Thursday 2 April the Edinburgh Quartet will return to Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow’s West End to continue their exploration of “Mendelssohn and his World”, examining the various influences on the composer throughout his life.

The programme acknowledges the profound influence of Beethoven on Mendelssohn’s string quartet writing:
Mendelssohn – Tema con Variazioni  & Scherzo Four Pieces for String Quartet Op 81
Beethoven – String Quartet Op 18 No 3

The concert starts at 6.30pm and is presented in an informal atmosphere with cabaret style seating so that audiences can enjoy a drink during the performance if they wish.


The Edinburgh performance will take place on Wednesday 20 May at 5.30pm in St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church, George Street and will include the popular post-concert discussion with the players.

Tickets available at the door for both events.