The Extra Mile


Well that was pretty intense!…traveling home after our Intimate Voices launch today. Janacek’s ‘Intimate Letters’ throws away the rule book and really pushes the limits of the quartet medium. It’s physically and emotionally such a demanding piece… so glad to call in on the way back at Cafe Royal for what I think is a well earned pint! It’s good to note at this stage perhaps, all the components and behind the scenes effort that need to fire into action to make an event really tick. We were all in stitches earlier as having already dealt with an enormous bunch of flowers we wrestled with a grand piano, on tiny coasters sinkigordonng into a thick new carpet, trying to move it into position for Gordon’s debut as Edinburgh Quartet pianist as well as violinist…we mused whether Sigmund Nissel or Norbert Brainin from the legendary Amadeus Quartet had ever had to do the same sort of stage management….(probably!) The world of ‘chamber music’ seems to regularly demand at least an extra mile on many an occasion…but it’s not just us! Our fantastic new marketing manager, Julie, also had her work cut out for her, left at the venue clearing up countless wine glasses after our reception…Perhaps she missed the small print in her job description hidden in between audience development and media liaison?! Anyway, feels good to get our new EQ season well and truly underway. Next stop, Hexham music club on Friday where we feature the brilliant Sibelius quartet, ‘Intimate Voices’…