Charting New Territories

The Edinburgh Quartet is very much looking forward to embarking on its third mini-season of the 16-17 diary – New Horizons. We have decided to take on this theme in various guises; not just the physical act of living in another country in the case of Britten and his first quartet; but going and being exposed to different and new musical influences in the case of Dvorak and his ‘American’ Quartet. New horizons needn’t be found by physically going to the other side of the world, as found by Mozart in his Dissonance quartet K465. Classical music depends on triads for its comprehension and suddenly Mozart leaves the listener floundering with a most unusual introduction!

New musical horizons are also found by James MacMillan (the Edinburgh Quartet’s patron) in his String Quartet no.3 which the quartet was lucky enough to get to know deeply when recording the work back in 2013. MacMillan uses non-western influences, extended playing techniques and breath-taking textures to capture the listener. We are convinced that in the lineage of British string quartets, his body of work is the most important of the last thirty years.

Come and join us on this journey! Many thanks to those of you who came and supported Storm and Stress, we felt that the programme of Haydn/Bartok/Grieg was a really strong one to take around the country and so it proved; with large audiences not just in Edinburgh but in Glasgow, Inverness and Thurso. We particularly enjoyed getting to know the Grieg quartet – a piece not so easy to rehearse in that so much of it depends on the ‘electricity’ of live performance – and the darkly passionate Bartok third quartet. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our New Horizons concerts, come and say hello!


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