Repertoire 2004 – 2005

Repertoire for 2004/5 is based once again upon the main Edinburgh series and the new Glasgow series beginning in October 2004. This will be loosely based upon the “Eminent Victorians” theme which will encompass the startlingly wide range of chamber music written in the 19th century. This will take us from late Haydn to early Schoenberg, via Mendelssohn (Opus 12/ Opus 44), Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Bruch and others.

Schubert’s Cello Quintet (Moray Welsh or Deirdre Cooper) will be paired with the soon to be rediscovered Quintet by Hamish McCunn.

In Piano Quintets by Cesar Franck, Kenneth Leighton and Schumann the Quartet will be joined by Gustav Fenyo, Leslie Howard or Robert Markham.

Viola Quintets by Mendelssohn and Bruckner will be included as part of the “Eminent Victorian” theme.

alternative works…

  • Beethoven: Op 18/4, Op 74, any late period
  • Dvorak: Op 51, Op 105, Op 106
  • Haydn: Any Op 33 or Op 50
  • Mozart: K421, K465, K499
  • Schubert: A minor, D minor or G major quartets, Quartetsatz
  • Quartets from the 1950s series: Shostakovich/ Simpson/ Rubbra/ Enescu
  • Viola quintets by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bruckner; Clarinet quintets by Mozart, Brahms, Gal; Piano quintets by Brahms, Shostakovich, Leighton and more.

Regular partnerships with Gervase de Peyer (clarinet), Robert Markham (piano), Murray Welsh (cello), Leslie Howard (piano), Gusztav Fenyo (piano) and others.

Repertoire performed in the 2004/5 and 2005/6 seasons

  • Amy BEACH: Quartet for Strings (in one movement) Opus 89
  • BEETHOVEN: Quartets Op 18.3 / Op 59.3 / Op 74 / Op 95 / Op 135 / String Trio Op 9.3
  • BRAHMS: Quartet in B flat / Quintet in F minor (arranged for string quintet)
  • BRIDGE: Quartet No 1, 3 Idylls
  • BRITTEN: Quartet No 3
  • BRUCH: Quartets No 1 and No 2
  • BRUCKNER: String Quintet
  • Katrina BURTON: Floating sculptures
  • CHAUSSON: Quartet
  • CHOPIN: Etude Op 25 No11 arr Balakirev
  • James CLAPPERTON: The Great Divorce (1990)
  • Robert CRAWFORD: Quartet No 2 / Piano Quintet (world premiere)
  • DEBUSSY: Quartet
  • Kenneth DEMPSTER: String Quartet No 4 (“The Cold Dancer”) (EQ commission and world premiere)
  • DVORAK: Quartets in C/A flat/Two Waltzes
  • FRANCK: Violin Sonata / String Quartet / Piano Quintet
  • HANS GAL: Quartets 1-4/Five Pieces/Introduction Variations and Finale on a theme of Mozart
  • Graham HAIR: String Quartet with Obbligato Voices (EQ commission and world premiere)
  • Edward HARPER: Three Folk Song Settings (The Lowlands of Holland/The Ash rove/Mairies Wedding)
  • HAYDN: Op 50 Nos 1-6/ Op 54 no 2 / Op 64 no 5 / Op 103 / Seven Last Words
  • Michael HAYDN: Notturno (Quintet)
  • IVES: String Quartet No 1
  • KIM-HO IP: “In Contact”
  • EARL of KELLY: Violin Duo/Quartets is A and C minor
  • Kenneth LEIGHTON: Quartet No 2/Piano Quintet
  • LISZT: Angelus/Am Grab Richard Wagners
  • Elisabeth LUTYENS: String Quartet No 6 Opus 25
  • J B McEWEN: Quartets in A “Biscay” and A minor, “Threnody” (Quartet No 5), Fantasy Quintet
  • MAXWELL DAVIS: “Naxos” Quartet No 1
  • Haftor MEDBØE: Suite for saxophone, guitar, trombone, percussion and string quartet
  • MENDELSSOHN: Quartets in E flat and F minor / Quintet in B flat/Sextet in D Opus 110
  • MOZART: Quartets K169, K465, K499, K590, / Adagio & Fugue K546/ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/ Divertimento in B flat K137/ Divertimento for String Trio K563/ String Quintet in D K593/ Piano Quartet in G minor / Piano Concerto in A K414 / Clarinet Quintet.
  • ANOTHAI NITIBHON: Music for Double Bass and String Quartet
  • PUCCINI: Crisantemi
  • RAVEL: Quartet
  • Konstantinos REKLEITIS: String Quartet
  • Alan RAWSTHORNE: Piano Quintet
  • SCHOENBERG: Quartet in D (1897)
  • SCHUBERT: Quarttsatz / Quartet in G / Quintet in C
  • SCHUMANN: Quartet in A Opus 41 No 3 / Piano Quartet / Piano Quintet
  • SEIBER: Quartets 1,2,3
  • SHETKY: Quartet
  • SHNITTKE: Piano Quintet
  • SHOSTAKOVICH: Quartets Nos 2, 7 & 8, 12, 15 / Piano Quintet / Octet
  • R STRAUSS: Two Pieces
  • William SWEENEY: String Quartet no 3
  • Naresh SOHAL: String Quartet No 2 (EQ commission and world premiere)
  • STENHAMMER: String Quartet No 3 Opus 18
  • TCHAIKOVSKY: Quartets in D, E flat minor, Sextet “Souvenir de Florence”
  • TIPPET: Quartets No 1 and 2
  • VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Quartet in A minor
  • Julian WAGSTAFF: “Treptow” for string quartet / Piano Quintet
  • WALTON: Quartet
  • Judith WEIR: String Quartet (1990)
  • WOLF: Italian Serenade
  • XENAKIS: Tetora/Akea
  • ZEMLINSKY: Two Pieces for String Quintet

Scottish Works

Quartets by Kenneth Leighton, Hans Gal, Robert Crawford, Edward Harper, Kenneth Dempster, Stuart MacRae, Peter Nelson, James Clapperton, Peter Maxwell Davies, James MacMillan, Thomas Wilson, J B McEwen, Alexander Mackenzie.


  • PIANO: Nicholas Ashton, James Clapperton, Leslie Howard, Robert Markham, Jill Morton, Martin Roscoe
  • VIOLIN: Cheryl Crocket
  • VIOLA: Jessica Beeston, Scott Dickinson
  • CELLO: Dierdre Cooper, Alison Lawrence, Moray Welsh
  • DOUBLE BASS: Paul Spiers
  • CLARINET: John Cushing