Concert Reviews: 2002 – 2013

It comes as quite a shock to hear string quartet players carefully adjusting their instruments so that they’re glaringly – and intentionally – out of tune with each other. more — The Scotsman, 28 Oct 2013

Geoff Palmer had indeed captured the essence of the Northern Lights and here the transparency and fluidity of the playing by the members of the Edinburgh Quartet set the seal on a very attractive performance indeed. more — Alan Cooper, 26 Oct 2013

The warm response suggested that the audience had enjoyed this 2013/14 season opener as much as I had. more — Bachtrack, 11 Oct 2013

The opening concert of the Lunchbreak Season proper for 2013/14 ushered in what promises to be a fresh new line-up of exceptionally fine performances. more — Alan Cooper, 26 Sep 2013

I admired the way the quartet “upped the ante” here, while remaining within the realms of classical period balance. more — Bachtrack, 15 May 2013

… gloriously sunny playing from all four members of the quartet. more — Alan Cooper, 9 May 2013

… a beautifully intricate, bold yet delicate interlacing of different string timbres and textures…more — The Scotsman, 10 Apr 2013

This combination of performance, contextualising readings and conversation feels like a great way to fill a crepuscular hour… more — Bachtrack, 8 Mar 2013

Haydn asks his performers to play “presto” and the Edinburgh Quartet gave him everything he asked for – a stunning performance. more — Alan Cooper, 7 Mar 2013

The Edinburgh Quartet made it sing out beautifully… more — Alan Cooper, 28 Feb 2013

There’s a sense of excitement surrounding the Edinburgh Quartet these days… more — The Scotsman, 10 Jan 2013

… an excellent account which really got to the heart of this work. more — Bachtrack, 17 Dec 2012

Running at just over an hour, this short but perfectly conceived and executed Rush Hour Concert provided new insights into Shostakovich through his most autobiographical string quartet, number 8 in c minor Op 110. more — Classical Review, The Scotsman, 14 Dec 2012

The Edinburgh Quartet’s performance was certainly a good humoured whirlwind of energetic hustle and bustle… more — Aberdeen University, 30 Nov 2012

… a raw yet rich and meaningful piece in a memorable performance by the Edinburgh Quartet.more — Aberdeen University, 11 Oct 2012

Playing to a capacity house, the Edinburgh Quartet are clearly a popular fixture in Edinburgh University’s long-standing series of free Tuesday lunchtime concerts at the Reid Concert Hall.more — Classical Review, The Scotsman, 10 Oct 2012

This was a performance of such compelling fascination that it seemed to be over too soon. more — Aberdeen University, 1 Dec 2011

the quartet has found a forthright new violist, Jessica Beeston. more — The Herald, 30 Nov 2011

Unpretentious and open-hearted, the four players are unusually skilled in connecting with their audience. more — The Scotsman, 22 Oct 2011

King’s College Chapel was packed to capacity and beyond… more — Aberdeen University, 20 Oct 2011

what is so rewarding from the Edinburgh Quartet is watching their interaction with one another. They really do seem to get on as a team, and clearly enjoy every bow movement almost as a tease, or tempter, to one another. more — Edinburgh Guide, 18 Oct 2011

For the end of its concert season, the Edinburgh Quartet held back something special. more — The Herald, 2 April 2010

The Edinburgh Quartet’s 50th Anniversary Gala Concert celebrated all that the long-serving ensemble stands for – commitment to the core repertoire; the encouragement of new repertoire; collaboration at the highest level; and the active encouragement of young artists. more — Classical Review, The Scotsman, 23 Feb 2010

The one constant of the Edinburgh Quartet, who celebrate their 50th anniversary this season, has been its relationship with its home city… more — The Guardian, 22 Feb 2010

Presented with passionate perception… more — The Herald, 16 Jun 2009

The setting for a lunchtime recital could have hardly been more perfect… more — Music Review, The Scotsman, 14 May 2009

The Edinburgh Quartet’s performance was a model of succinctness… more — The Herald, 19 Feb 2009

… firing on all cylinders, they produced a rambunctious performance of the Quintet that had the feel of a jam session. more — The Herald, 15 Feb 2008

… the Sunrise quartet was played with beauty, fluency and real warmth of colour. more — The Herald, 7 Feb 2008

The Edinburgh Quartet made their Beethoven sizzle with a high-voltage performance. more — The Herald, 20 Nov 2007

The Quartet play “new” with as much care and sensitivity – more even, perhaps – as their opening classic. more — The Scotsman, 15 Nov 2007

A spiritual communion with nature lit with playing of immense bravura and earthy energy. more — Bournemouth Echo, 5 Nov 2007

Here is a composer who says what he wants to say with music that is rewarding, accessible and enjoyable. more — Music Web International, 12 Oct 2007

Music for trombone and string quartet is a bit like fusion food. more — The Herald, 13 June 2007

Quartet’s qualities a stroke of geniuses. more — Evening News, 21 Jun 2004

Galvanised by all the intangible forces that a fresh approach can bring, their playing of Haydn, Robert Simpson and Schubert fascinated in being both strongly rooted yet gloriously liberated.more — The Scotsman, 13 Jan 2004

With its focus on the 1950s, the Edinburgh Quartet’s winter season at the Queen’s Hall is a major voyage of rediscovery. more — The Herald, 25 Nov 2003

In both the Rubbra and almost equally taxing 3rd Quartet by Brahms, the Edinburgh Quartet carried forward the high standard they had established in the opening Haydn. more — Evening News, 24 Nov 2003

Precise, passionate, full-bodied and sensual. more — Evening News, 20 Nov 2003

String quartets come and go, but not the Edinburgh Quartet: it has 43 years of music-making behind it and is still forging ahead. It is the only professional string quartet of any standing in Scotland. more — The Telegraph, 2 Jun 2003